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Older adults of today are choosing different living options than the generations before them. This new 55 and older age group is searching for something more vital, more intellectually stimulating and energetic. Thus, the newest wave in senior living is in University towns all over America. NBC News reported that more and more college alumni are returning to college towns for this very reason. NBC News noted that the first college retirement communities opened about 20 years ago, but the idea has really spread in the last few years. Today, there are at least 50 such developments near campuses around the country.

People are living longer lives and they want to be in a place that is culturally exciting. Senior living communities, like The Village of Bedford Walk, offer this type of opportunity. Many of these communities offer classes through the University or extension programs affiliated with them. Regularly attending football games and performances on campus is an affordable and enjoyable way to spend the golden years. Think of this as a new vigorous trend in Senior Housing.

Older adults are attracted to the intellectual appeal of life around different generations and enrichment with ample mental inspiration. Jim Davis was quoted from the NBC News article as saying, “It was the best decision we ever made.” This was in regard to he and his wife recently moving from a gated North Carolina golf course community to his alma mater, Pennsylvania State University. It took him more than 50 years to find his way back, but he is delighted that he found his way eventually.

JES|Prime Senior Living understands that this is not a growing trend, but rather, a norm for the future. People want to go back to places they know, or stay in a community they love. JES Prime Senior Living communities offer an abundance of opportunities for growth, with a high level of service and hospitality that enables residents to live life their way.


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