Sell Your House and See the World


Has it always been your dream to travel during your retirement years? For many, extended or frequent travel is a long-anticipated retirement goal. Yet the responsibilities of homeownership can often pose a significant roadblock to achieving that dream. Making sure the “home front” is maintained and worry-free can turn your vision of footloose travel into a homebound ball and chain.

How can you ensure stress-free travel? Start by exploring the option of independent living. This carefree lifestyle can eliminate many of the worries associated with extended travel. Independent living in JES | Prime Senior Living communities offers you the freedom to travel without worries.

Maintenance Woes be gone with One Simple Fee

Making sure your home is maintained while traveling can be extremely burdensome. At a JES | Prime Senior Living community you no longer have to fret over lawn care, snow shoveling or any of the maintenance tasks associated with homeownership. You can relax, because it’s all included in our monthly rental rate. The monthly rental rate includes your spacious home, all utilities, basic cable, phone services, and a host of services and amenities.

No More Transportation Tribulations

If your plans include air travel, you know the hassles and potential pitfalls of arranging transportation to and from an airport can be frustrating, if not expensive, especially if you’re a frequent flyer. But at a JES | Prime Senior Living community, scheduled transportation is included so there’s no need to worry about how you’ll get to and from the Columbia Regional Airport.

Snowbird Discount

JES | Prime Senior Living communities offer rent reductions to residents spending one to nine months away from their Columbia home. In addition to the rent reduction, pet fees and our second person fee will be waived.

Live Out Your Traveling Dreams

Travel is not only exciting; it can also positively affect your health. Visiting new places encourages you to stay active through exploration. In addition to the health benefits of travel, it also improves mental health.

So what are you waiting for? Independent living provides the freedom that you have been looking for, and JES | Prime Senior Living offers a wealth of amenities that make for an inspired lifestyle even when you’re not traveling.


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