The Importance of Lifelong Learning


You have probably heard that it is important to keep your brain active, but do you know why lifelong learning is so important to your health? explains three reasons why you should make education a priority.

#1: Lifelong Learning Improves Your Memory

Intellectual stimulation throughout your lifetime can delay the onset of memory problems and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, according to a study from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Learning something new, like a hobby, skill or activity can boost your memory by strengthening the networks in your brain.

Learning to play a musical instrument has several benefits including increasing your reaction time and strengthening your decision-making and problem-solving functioning.

#2: Lifelong Learning Lengthens Your Lifespan

Researchers David Cutler and Adriana Lleras-Muney suggest that a year of formal education can add more than six months to your lifespan. Their study found that the more educated you are, the lower your rates of anxiety and depression, heart disease, stroke, asthma and diabetes.

#3: Lifelong Learning Reduces Your Stress Level

You do not have to take a class or learn a new skill to receive the benefits of learning – simply pick up a book. Reading can lower your stress levels in as little as six minutes. Lower stress can lead to better cardiovascular health, a boosted immune system, lower blood pressure and decreased levels of depression.

As a retiree, you have more time than ever to pick up a hobby, read, learn a new skill or sign up for classes. Talk to Concierge Services at The Village of Bedford Walk if you would like help finding a local class or have a request for an activity.


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